4 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Embrace the Moment this Fall with Your Kids

Family Fun & Activities, Parenting | September 10, 2021

Between busy back-to-school schedules and everyday chaos, you may be craving a sense of calm in your life now more than ever. And even amidst the hustle and bustle (think toddler tantrums and endless piles of laundry), it’s still possible to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet—seriously, I mean it.

Sounds too good to be true? Here are four simple ways to slow down and embrace the moment this fall with your kiddos. 

Practice Positive Affirmations 

It’s never too early to start practicing positive affirmations with your little ones as a wonderful tool to instill self-love and confidence. Start by reciting simple “I am” affirmations such as “I am brave.” Grab a deck of Mindful Kids Cards or try these rhyming Positive Affirmation Prints for Girls for a special morning or evening routine with your little loves!  

Need some more positivity, mama? Stash the Spark Your Bliss Affirmation Card Deck in your purse or diaper bag and pull a card during those moments you need a little extra pick-me-up, and coffee just isn’t cutting it! 

Start a Family Gratitude Jar 

There’s no better way to appreciate the now than by practicing gratitude. Get the whole family involved by keeping a gratitude jar. Each family member writes down one thing they’re grateful for at the end of the day and pops it into the jar. This is such a wonderful way to honor all the blessings in your life while making room for more to flow in! 

Embrace Your Inner Child  

Kids play all day, but when was the last time you let your guard down and had some good old-fashioned fun? Take a lesson from your little ones and embrace your inner child this fall. Whether it’s coloring in an adult coloring book, hosting a fun family pizza night, or building a fort with the kids, make an attempt to bring more joy and play into your life this season! 

Get Grounded 

Fall is a season for getting grounded and going back to your roots. If you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious this time of year, your body may be telling you to slow down. 

Next time you find yourself or your kiddos feeling frazzled, practice some grounding exercises. These include grounding yoga poses such as child’s pose, walking barefoot outside, or incorporating grounding root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, into your family’s meal plan. If all else fails, in the words of Daniel Tiger, “Take a deep breath and let it go.” 

About the Author

Rachel Kaczynski is the founder of Healthy Chicks, creator of the Spark Your Bliss affirmation card deck and mama of two littles. Through writing, group coaching, and hosting seasonal women’s “Bliss Circles,” she empowers women to shift their mindset and bring more bliss into their lives. Join the Spark Your Bliss community on Facebook here! 

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