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Food & Recipes, Holidays & Parties | November 19, 2020

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration might look very different, but there’s no reason not to whip up a batch of your favorite side dish or dessert to celebrate! 

We asked our Moms Meet staff to share some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and why they love this holiday. Whether you are staying in with your immediate family or inviting only a few select relatives over, here are some great recipe ideas to get you inspired. 

Maxine Wolf, CEO and Founder of Moms Meet and KIWI magazine

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Pie

“We make a vegan pumpkin pie every year for Thanksgiving. Because I’m also gluten free, I substitute the crust with a pre-made gluten free variety. Or, we make our own crust (when we get ambitious) with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix. Most of our family, even the ones who aren’t vegan or gluten-free, like the pie!”

Chrissy Kissinger, Project Manager

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Baked Brie

“Every Thanksgiving we run a 5K in the morning followed by time with family and friends. Then we don’t feel so bad about stuffing our faces with food after running our race. My favorite part of Thanksgiving meals are the appetizers and sides! I could totally go without Turkey on Thanksgiving and just eat sides and apps all day long. And desserts of course!”

Maureen Frost, Editorial Director

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Turkey Brine

“I love that the focus of Thanksgiving is purely to come together with family and give thanks for everything you have. I look forward to the food every year and usually get to enjoy a feast with each side of our family at lunch and then dinnertime (although this year it will be just us at home). Brining your turkey is key to getting a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meal. My brother-in-law cooks our turkey every year and it’s the absolute best I’ve ever had because he follows this method. Be prepared to begin the prep at least a day ahead of time.”

Ellen Levine-Smith, Director of Consumer Insights 

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Cranberry Cherry Relish

“I love the togetherness of being with family members and feeling like it’s okay to indulge. From appetizers to side dishes to desserts, everyone makes their special featured item. My brother-in-law makes a really impressive cranberry and apple pie with a lattice topping that could be featured in a magazine. We do a really traditional holiday meal and it’s just a special day.”

Daniella McDermott, Lead Designer 

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Mashed Potato Casserole

“Traditional Thanksgiving foods are all about two of my favorite things: veggies and savory flavors! This recipe fits that bill and is super convenient because it can be made the day before, which takes the pressure off the day-off cooking prep I know we all somewhat dread. I have a big family and it’s always wonderful to see everyone around the winter holidays, which is something I’ll sadly be missing this year. I hope we can all get together again soon!”

Melissa Guenther, Marketing Assistant 

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Keto Biscuits

“I won’t be attending Thanksgiving this year due to COVID, however, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is actually the night before! My family meets up and makes the stuffing together. Grandma toasts little cubes of bread and everyone else chops up the veggies and meats. Then, the younger generation mixes everything together in a huge bowl. We have a pretty big family, so we need a lot of stuffing! During this time, we can’t be on our phones or watching TV, so It’s nice to connect to each other while disconnecting from technology.”

Eleanor King, Social Media Manager

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe: Butternut and Apple Tian

“Every year, I am tasked with setting up the table and making sure the dining room is ready to go. I always love setting out the plates and cutlery, decorating the room, and making sure it looks extra festive. With everything going on, this year’s feast will be more like a small dinner for two. I’m still making myself my favorite recipe though because it’s just so hard not to with all of the fresh apples and butternut squash around.”

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