The Conversation With Hope

Family Fun & Activities, Member Spotlight | April 30, 2019

Magic, treasure, and the power of friendship—the perfect combination for a book any kiddo will want to dive into. As a parent, introducing your children to books that can inspire and motivate them to be kind to themselves and those around them is so important. Keith Calabrese’s A Drop of Hope unfolds into an unforgettable adventure everyone in the family can enjoy. Our Blog Ambassadors were given a special first look at the new novel. See what they had to say.

Start A Conversation

According to Amy from Simple Mom Review, “Reading this book sparked many conversations about unexpected friendships, being kind to others, empathy, and of course hope.”

Acts of Kindness

Shannon from The Beckham Project had a chance to read this book with her 9- and 12-year-old. “As we read the book together I was delighted by the story of how even the smallest acts of kindness can truly make a difference in a person’s life.”

For Kids and Adults Alike

Jennifer A Lambert of A Sacred Balance really enjoyed how this book felt reminiscent to her own life and experiences. “I decided to read this book aloud to my three kids as a bedtime story. It became so good that we also began reading a couple chapters each morning. I wanted to read ahead, but I was a good mom and waited to read it with my kids.”

Loveable Characters

Tabitha from Love Tabitha said, “I’ve asked Mason what he thinks about the book so far and he says this is a ‘Feel good book!’ He likes the way it makes him feel after reading it and how he can relate to the kids in the book.”

Beyond The Novel

A Drop of Hope was actually written due to a dare by Keith Calabrese’s daughter. Nicole from The Lady Prefers 2 Save loved this fun fact, as it was a great teachable moment to bring to her kids about what they can set their minds to when they try.

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