The Secret to Avoiding the Summer Learning Slump

Family Fun & Activities, Member Spotlight | September 10, 2019

At the end of every busy, fun-filled summer, one question always comes to mind: are my kids ready for the new school year? While it can be challenging to avoid the summer slump, it’s important to teach our little ones the importance of learning all year round.

Luckily, TinkerActive Workbooks make the most of playtime with their exciting math and science activities. Our Blog Ambassadors were given a chance to put their tinkering, making, and engineering exercises to the test. 

Fun, New, and Interactive

Robyn from Mom the Magnificent loved that TinkerActive Workbooks “really help build your child’s fundamental skills and inspire them to try new things, discover new skills, and imagine new possibilities. Even though these were new skills for [my daughter], they were explained with a fun and interactive sense of play!”

A Hands-On Experience

TinkerActive Workbooks aren’t just about the pages in the workbook. “When I received the box, the first thing my son noticed was the balloon to create one of the activities,” said Diana from Nanny to Mommy. “He loves any science activities because he can get his hands working.” 

Great for Any Learner

“One of the things I love most about TinkerActive Workbooks is that they take into account all types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic,” wrote Jessica from On Moxie And Motherhood. Each page has something new and exciting to offer to your little ones, whether they love creating fake snow or solving math equations!

The MotMots

Debbie from Africa’s Blog and her family loved the charming citizens of Tinkertown, lovingly called the MotMots. They “guide your kids through new conceptions and learning with encouragement and humor.”

A Refresher for the Whole Family

According to Danielle from Making Time For Memories, “My son had a rocky start to the new school year and my preschooler is learning to count. I was excited that one of the 1st grade math activities provided could help them both out. It would be a fun refresher for my son and a way to help my daughter practice her counting.”

To see what other moms had to say about TinkerActive Workbooks, visit our Product Review page.

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