Top 10 Things We Learned at WOW Summit!

News & Announcements, Parenting | March 2, 2015

(Pictured above: Keynote Speaker Robyn O’Brien)

The 2014 WOW Summit in Orlando, Florida, was an enormous success! A wonderful group of passionate, health-conscious members of our online mom community attended to learn about natural, organic living from an esteemed panel of experts. Here we share some of our favorite insights.

1. “A food system dependent on chemicals is not a food system, it’s a chemical system.”—Robyn O’Brien, founder of the AllergyKids Foundation

2. “We consume too much sugar. The World Health Organization suggests that less than 10 percent of your daily caloric intake should be from sugar, but Americans consume 22.2 teaspoons (about half a cup) of the sweet stuff per day.” —Jess Kolko, RDN, LD, KIWI advisory board member and senior research analyst at Whole Foods Market

3. “The percentage of cancers caused by toxic chemical exposure is grossly underestimated, and Americans are facing grievous harm from largely unregulated chemicals in the air, food, and water.” —Heather White, executive director of the Environmental Working Group, quoting from the President’s Cancer Pane

4. “It’s crucial to schedule time for yourself, be as generous with yourself as you are with the kids, and take care of your health and fitness. Remember: Self-preservation isn’t selfish.” —Suzy Stauffer, author of Women First, Mothers Second

5. “Playing in dirt helps develop a strong immune system in kids.” —Mark Cannon, D.D.S

6. “Encouraging your child to connect with nature helps to engage all seven of his sensory systems.” —Carrie Wells, Ph.D., child development blogger

7. “In elementary school, computers should be centrally located. Kids should be accustomed to parents checking on them.” —Susan Bartell, Psy.D., family psychologist, author, and KIWI advisory board member

From left to right: Chief Mom Ambassador Annie Douglass and co-host Amanda Boyarshinov with Maxine Wolf, CEO and Publisher of KIWI Magazine, speakers Traci Paige Johnson and Heather White, and Andrea Barbalich, Editorial Director of KIWI Magazine.

8. “It’s important to choose smart, creative programming that engages your child’s mind beyond the screen.” —Traci Paige Johnson, KIWI advisory board member and creator of Blue’s Clues, Super WHY!, and Yummico

9. “Sometimes kids get in the way in the kitchen, but cooking is a great way for families to spend time together. And here’s a bonus for parents of picky eaters: Kids are far more likely to eat something they have helped prepare!” —Aviva Goldfarb, author and founder of the Six O’Clock Scramble dinner-planning service

And finally, an inspiring quote from emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu, shared by Robyn O’Brien:

10. “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”


If you missed out on last year’s WOW Summit, or simply want to experience it all over again, we have good news! You can redeem your coins at our Rewards Center for exclusive video access to our six incredible speaker sessions!

What did you enjoy most about the WOW Summit? Share below!


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