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Member Spotlight | November 30, 2018

Each year, our community of moms come together at the Moms Meet WOW Summit to empower and inspire new ways to help raise happy and healthy families. From November 2–3, we arrived in sunny Garden Grove, California for an unforgettable weekend of attending educational workshops, meeting better-for-you brands, and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Maybe you couldn’t make it and want the inside scoop on what you missed. Maybe you’re looking to go down memory lane after decompressing from the mom event of the year. Either way, we’re bringing you our top five favorite moments from this year’s WOW Summit.

  1. An Educational Blogger Day

We couldn’t decide on one thing about Friday’s Blogger Day. Back by popular demand, our bloggers walked away with so much insight on how to grow their businesses. Friday was jam-packed with panel discussions, educational workshops, and opportunities for one-on-one networking with some of our favorite better-for-you brands. From establishing your personal brand, to finding your blog squad, to balancing romance and motherhood, everyone left eager and inspired to start a new chapter of their blogs.

  1. Coffee, Pizza, and So Much Yummy Food, Oh My!

Let’s be honest: we all get excited when it comes to food. This year, A2 Milk provided milk to everyone wanting a little coffee and tea before today’s festivities began. Just as they provided an amazing lunch at last year’s WOW Summit, table5 brought their oh, so craveable cornmeal crusted pizzas back for Friday’s Blogger Day. Moms looking for a healthy beverage looked no further than Kӧe Organic Kombucha, and NestFresh Eggs provided delicious deviled eggs that were snatched up in an instant over their unbelievable flavor. And don’t get us started on the light hors d’oeuvres at the cocktail party. Between the delectable fruits and veggies, a wide array of mouth-watering dips, and colorfully delicious desserts, it would be impossible for us to pick our favorite dish!

  1. Hootin’ and Hollerin’ with Mommy Tonk

That brings us our next highlight. At the Friday cocktail party, musical comedy duo Mommy Tonk brought their A-Game with hilarious stand-up comedy infused with the prettiest, filthiest music we ever did hear. You couldn’t miss the thunderous laughter coming from our main sessions room as they closed out Saturday’s General Admission Day with a hilarious family-friendly set. Their song about Target had us all going, “Same.”

  1. The Unforgettable Session with Dr. Sears

We know. We fangirled just as much as the next mom when Dr. Sears walked out to talk his keynote session, Go With Your Gut: Dr. Sears’ Guide to Digestive Health. This session was chock full of information to help our moms, and their little ones, when it comes to the digestive system. We laughed, we cried, and we even got to watch him put on his best dance moves!

  1. Last But Not Least—The Unbelievable Exhibit Hall!

From the moment it opened on Friday until the last vendor left on Saturday, our Exhibit Hall was full of life and fun. Chef Shamy filled the room with the amazing aroma of garlic-buttered grilled cheese sandwiches. After five o’clock, Sambucol poured unbelievably delicious black elderberry “Sambucol-tini’s.” Lindsay Olives offered cornhole, and Boiron had a remedy for everything that ails you, including legs sore from walking the Exhibit Hall. Honest Kitchen served up Instant Pumpkin Spice Lattes for our four legged friends, and there was laughter coming from every corner of the room. Even the overabundance of free samples brands offered at the booths gave our fabulous Goody Bags, handed out at the end of the Summit, a run for their money!

We want to thank everyone who joined us for this educational and fun-filled weekend in the Golden State. We hope to see you at our future events, including the 2019 Moms Meet WOW Summit, which will take place in Arlington, TX on September 27–28. Only 318 days left!

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“I really enjoyed the ability to try products that I’m interested in, but have never purchased because unfamiliarity. I also enjoyed being introduced to new and upcoming products.” – Kendra M.

“I really enjoyed meeting a lot of other mom bloggers who were also there to learn, get inspiration and grow their blogs. I also really enjoyed hearing the panel discussions and targeted workshops! The exhibit hall was the icing on the cake, as I learned about interesting brands and products. I actually went and bought a few things at the grocery store that I had learned about in the Exhibit Hall!!” – Brittany C.

“The WOW Summit had a great group of women of all ages and ethnicities.” – Colleen S.

“We loved the event! The tickets were very affordable and we got so much out of the event.” – Heather S.

“I learned a lot and found out about so many new products that I look forward to buying. It was a great place to meet other moms as well.” – Noemi M.

“I have met so many amazing people . Thank you for the knowledge and goodies.” – Pamela G.

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