Zevia All Natural Soda

Sampling Fun | April 26, 2012

This spring, many of our Mom Ambassadors have been sampling Zevia All Natural Soda with their groups. Zevia is the original soda that’s sweetened naturally with stevia, a little green plant whose leaves are 300 times sweeter than sugar. Available in 15 delicious, good-for-you flavors like black cherry, ginger ale, and cola, Zevia is the one calorie-free soda families can enjoy guilt-free. See how our Mom Ambassadors have enjoyed their samples!

Moms from Jessica M.’s group sipping several flavors of Zevia. We love the silly hat on the mom with the pink shirt!
Julie W. set up a station where group members and their kids could vote for their favorite Zevia flavor. “The kids took it so seriously!” she says.
A group member and kid sampling Zevia during Lois J.’s group meeting.
One of Jennifer H.’s group members trying Zevia. Is it us, or is she eyeing the extra samples on the counter?
Hepzaba V. set out healthy snacks for her group members to nosh on while trying Zevia. We want to go to her meetings!


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