Learn More about a2 Milk

The a2 Milk® Brand is a naturally occurring cows’ milk that does not undergo any technological process or genetic engineering. Their mission is to bring people back to the pleasure and goodness of real natural milk and milk products through the unique health benefits of the A2 Protein and an absence of the A1 Protein. Many individuals who believe that they are lactose intolerant due to their reactions to other milk brands may actually be sensitive to the A1 Protein that is common in most dairy milk. a2 Milk® could be a solution for people who self diagnose as lactose intolerant or have problems digesting ordinary milk.

Where to Purchase

a2 Milk products are available in Trader Joes, Target, Whole Foods, and Ralph’s in California, in King Soopers in Colorado, and in Safeway, Sprouts, Albertsons and Vonns in both California and Colorado. To find a store near you, visit a2milk.com/find/.