Learn More About Bare Snacks

Bare Snacks® was born and raised in Washington State, the heart of apple country, so it’s no wonder they’re the leading apple chip brand in the USA. Bare Snacks® creates deliciously simple, wholesome snacks that keep people healthy and happy. A big bonus? Bare Fruit® is 100% carbon neutral, so you can be proud that the snack you’re munching on was farmed in a socially responsible way. Their passion (and promise) is to keep it bare. No extra stuff—just real, wholesome, tasty ingredients as close to nature as possible.

Where to Purchase

Bare Fruit® Apple Chips are available at select stores in leading retailers including: Whole Foods Market, ACME, Wegman’s, Safeway, Dominick’s, Harris Teeter, Sprouts, Fred Meyer, Raleys and selected Walmart stores. Bare Fruit® is also available at Amazon.com. Visit baresnacks.com/find-us, to find a retailer near you!