Learn More About Break The Cup

Break The Cup is a mixed capital company where quality, passion and world-known Costa Rican coffee traditions converge with the technology, transparency and logistics offered in the United States. They offer a single origin, 100 % premium Arabica coffee with a unique natural process called “Hot Spring Twist” where each bean is fermented in mineral hot spring water creating a one of a kind gourmet coffee. Break The Cup believes in creating social and environment commitments and has made the pledge to only acquire coffee from farms that are certified Rainforest Alliance. Additionally, Break The Cup’s Wildlife Movement donates 5% of proceeds to the Jaguar Rescue Center, a wildlife sanctuary on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of animals.

Where to Purchase

Break The Cup Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee with a Hot Spring Twist is available to purchase at amazon.com.