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Choices Matter is a campaign designed to educate and empower patients, caregivers, and physicians to discuss pain management options, including effective non-opioid options, before surgery. Nearly 3 million people who had surgery in 2016 became persistent opioid users, continuing to take opioids three to six months after their procedure. Using non-opioid options before, during, and after surgery can decrease the need for opioids after many common procedures, including C-section deliveries. Visit planagainstpain.com to learn more and take the pledge against opioid overprescribing.

Did You Know:

  • 40% more women than men become persistent users of opioids following a surgery.
  • Women ages 40-59 are prescribed more opioids than any other age group and twice as many prescriptions as their male counterparts.
  • Women between ages 45-54 have the highest death rate from opioids among all females.
  • 23% of women ages 35-44 who undergo total knee replacement were using opioids three to six months after their surgery.
  • Nearly nine-in-ten (88%) of mothers have concerns about taking opioids during and after childbirth. Despite these concerns, more than half (51%) of C-section patients are prescribed an opioid.
  • One in five women are concerned about the risk of addiction or dependence after taking opioids during or after childbirth.


INFOGRAPHIC : The Role of Opioids in Childbirth