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Your smoked sausage shouldn’t be made with shortcuts. Duke's believes the secret to making ridiculously delicious smoked meats is all about crafting with the freshest ingredients possible. Their Smoked SHORTY Sausages are created with real, whole ingredients without any added nitrites, nitrates, fillers, hormones, or preservatives. Plus, they’re gluten free and contain no more than two grams of sugar per serving! Step up your smoked meats game. You won’t want to go back.

Where to Purchase

Duke's Smoked SHORTY Sausages are available to purchase at Costco, Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods Market, HEB, WalMart Supercenter, Target, 7-Eleven, and most convenience stores. To find a store near you, visit dukesmeats.com/pages/find-dukes.