Learn More About Emergen-C

In 1978, Alacer introduced the Emergen-C effervescent powdered vitamin supplement drink mix. The good tasting, fizzy drink mix featured 1,000 mg of vitamin C, B vitamins, and electrolytes, which became Alacer’s signature formulation. The novel delivery system for vitamins and nutrients has a loyal following who found Emergen-C to be the fast, fun way to support their health and energy. Today, there are more than 10 flavors of the original Emergen-C formulation, three flavors of Emergen-C Kidz, and four flavors of Emergen-C Immune+.

Where to Purchase

Emergen-C products are available at all major retailers nationwide. To find a retailer near you or to shop online, visit EmergenC.com/shop. Emergen-C Original Chewables can be found in the vitamin aisle at Target and in select food and drug stores, and Immune+ Chewables can be found in the immune support aisle at most major retailers.