Learn More About Follow Your Heart

Since 1970, Follow Your Heart has worked to provide the best-tasting, highest-quality foods for their customers. They believe that great taste is essential, and that quality means ingredients with integrity. Follow Your Heart also believes in sustainability to ensure a healthy future for our children’s children, and produces their vegetarian and vegan products in a state-of-the-art, solar-powered manufacturing facility known as “Earth Island.” Their goal is to make amazingly great-tasting ingredients that not only enhance your favorite foods, but make you feel good about eating them as well.

Where to Purchase

Follow Your Heart Slices are available at Whole Foods Market, Lassen’s, Mother’s Market, Erewhon, Mollie Stones, New Leaf Markets, PCC, New Seasons Market, Food Fight! Vegan Grocery, Alfalfas, Fairway Foods, Wild By Nature, Khim’s, and more every day. Ask for them by name!