Learn More about LoveBug Probiotics

LoveBug Probiotics, made by a mom for moms, are carefully created probiotics to benefit everyone. Their mission is to educate and equip families to give their children better health and immunity. LoveBug supplements are geared toward various needs and stages of life, from babies, to kids, to full-grown adults. Their Tiny Tummies probiotic packets start your little one off on the right foot with a favorable balance of gut bacteria. The LoveBug probiotic blend is designed to help nurture your baby’s developing microbiome which will influence their physical health and mental well-being for the rest of their lives.

Where to Purchase

LoveBug Probiotics are available to purchase at Amazon, Target, Meijer, Wegman’s, Jet Foods, Fairway Market, Lucky Vitamin, and lovebugprobiotics.com. To find a store near you, visit lovebugprobiotics.com/pages/buy-local.