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NeilMed® is the largest manufacturer and supplier of LVLP (Large Volume Low Pressure) saline nasal irrigation systems in the world. The mission of the company is safety, affordability, and effectiveness to sustain long-term growth and create drug-free and effective nasal/sinus care for millions of consumers worldwide. NeilMed products help to alleviate common nasal and sinus symptoms in a simple, safe, effective, and affordable way. Additionally, NeilMed has developed a growing line of products for baby care, ear care, and first aid.

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Where to Purchase

NeliMed products can be found at Target, WalMart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Bed Bath and Beyond, Harmon, Kinney Drugs, Shop Rite, Brookshire’s, amazon.com, drugstore.com, neilmed.com, and myotcstore.com.

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