Learn More about The Happy Egg Co.

The happy egg co. is the first national true free range egg brand, and launched in the United States in 2012. They operate on the belief that hens need to be outdoors every day to be happy and healthy…and to produce the best quality eggs. Unlike cage-free hens that never leave the barn, and even some other free range hens who have very limited access to outdoors, the happy egg co.’s true free range hens live on small family farms where they are nurtured on pasture and free to forage outdoors on 8 acres of open space, every day. The happy egg co. is committed to making humane, true free range eggs available to everyone at an affordable price.

Where to Purchase

To find a happy egg co. retailer near you, please visit the store locator on the happy egg co. website at the happyeggco.com/store-locator.