KIWI’s Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference Snack Sessions: Supporting Your Kids’ Immune Systems During the School Year



Kids are likely to get sick throughout the school year and it may even feel like your household is sick more often than they are well. (Those back-to-back illnesses can be so brutal!) As parents, there’s much you can do to nurture your child’s immune system each day and better support them when sick.

Join us Wednesday evening to hear expert advice from Dr. Joel Gator Warsh as he answers important questions on how to support your child’s immune system and what to do when they get sick.

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About KIWI’s Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference Snack Sessions

We created our pop-up series for parents in order to offer you timely guidance throughout the whole year. Think of it like a tune up as the seasons change until we meet again for our full conference in August 2023. 

During our Snack Sessions, we’ll bring you special presentations from experts in the fields of sustainability, nutrition, and wellness.

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