Episode Four: Drinking Water 101: What Goes Into Making Water Safe and Available at Home and Around the Globe

Season 5, Sustainability | September 6, 2022

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Have you ever wondered where your water comes from or if it’s safe to drink? Clean drinking water is one of those things that many who have it may take for granted, but there’s so much more to it than just turning on the tap. In this episode, hear from Morgan Close, the Vice President of Projects and Programs at Project WET, about the importance of clean drinking water and how we can protect and conserve it.

The current global water crises taking place in Mississippi in the United States, and across Pakistan highlight the importance and power of water. After massive flooding caused by storms, both places are experiencing displaced residents who only have access to unsafe drinking water. Many experts believe climate change is to blame for the storms while lack of infrastructure and planning exacerbates the impacts. 

Our Guest

Morgan joined Project WET in 2010 to continue the development of Project WET’s international network and the support of multiple ongoing and new projects. She has been integral in the development of educational resources and has facilitated training workshops across the globe from Tanzania to Taiwan.  Prior to this position she spent several years as a buyer in the outdoor retail industry, wrangled horses and children at a Montana guest ranch and taught environmental education in New England. Her experience includes research and travel throughout South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Project WET believes in advancing water education to understand global challenges and inspire local solutions though through water resource education materials, training workshops for educators, and customized water projects. 

Their publications, training workshops, global network and community events are grounded in the following core beliefs: 

  • Water connects us all
  • Water is for all water users
  • Water must be managed sustainably
  • Water depends on personal responsibility and action

Learn more about Project WET and their mission here. 

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