Episode Five: A Clinical Psychologist’s Advice on How to Teach Your Kids About Race, Gender, and Consent

Parenting, Season 3 | April 5, 2022

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Race, gender, and consent are important to discuss with our kids but they can be hard conversations to navigate as parents. We’re joined by Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist, to talk about the importance of teaching our kids these topics. We dig deeper into intersectionality, how we as parents can address tough topics with our kids, parenting from a place of curiosity, and so much more.

Our Guest

Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist, educator, speaker, health and wellness enthusiast, multi-passionate entrepreneur, private practice owner of ​arenewedfocus.com, and a mom of three.

She is on a mission to help women discover the freedom and deep rooted sense of happiness, peace, acceptance that can only come, when you honor your authentic self. She counsels, coaches, and speaks on women’s empowerment because she believes in not just teaching her girls this, but showing them while they are young what it looks like to be brave and forge your own path in life. You can learn more about her on her website iamdrmel.com.

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