Episode Four: Why Moms Are So Crucial in the Fight Against Climate Change

Season 1, Sustainability | September 7, 2021

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The climate crisis is top of mind for many as wildfires, floods, droughts, and insane weather threaten the globe. But it’s not all doom and gloom! Hear from Dr. Joellen Russell of Science Moms, a highly-accredited climate scientist and mom, about why moms are so important in this battle and how we can fight climate change. We are not powerless in the face of this global crisis and have the time and ability to stop the worst from happening.

Our Guest

Dr. Joellen Russell is the Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Chair of Integrative Science, Professor at the University of Arizona in the Department of Geosciences, and a mom of two. She currently serves as chair of the NOAA Science Advisory Board’s Climate Working Group, as an Objective Leader for the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research’s AntarcticClimate21, and on the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Community Earth System Model Advisory Board.

Science Moms is a nonpartisan group of climate scientists and mothers. It was founded to help mothers who are concerned about their childrens’ planet, but aren’t confident in their knowledge about climate change or how they can help. Science Moms aims to demystify climate science and motivate everyday moms to demand solutions that preserve the planet for our kids. As scientists, they have collectively spent decades studying our earth and what human activity is doing to it. They are steeped in this reality every day and know that to solve this problem, it will take all of us moms joining forces. Together, we can give our children the healthy and prosperous future they deserve.

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