Episode Six: How to Keep Kids Active this Winter from Board-Certified Pediatrician Dr. Cherie Chu

Parenting, Season 2 | December 14, 2021

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Keeping kids active and engaged can be a challenge, especially during the winter months in the snowier, colder parts of the world. Making sure your kids get the daily exercise they need is crucial to support their health and development. Hear from board-certified pediatrician Dr. Cherie Chu about her recommendations on this and more. She shares how to keep kids active year-round, the importance of exercise at every age, and how to instill lifelong healthy habits to help kids grow and thrive.

Our Guest

Dr. Cherie Chu is a board-certified pediatrician and certified diplomate of Lifestyle Medicine. She currently practices pediatrics in a multispecialty medical group in San Diego. She incorporates her knowledge of Lifestyle Medicine into her daily interactions with her pediatric patients and their families.

Feel empowered to instill healthy lifestyle habits in your children with Wellness Pediatrician from Dr. Chu. Her website focuses specifically on six areas of lifestyle medicine: healthful eating of a whole food, plant-predominant diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, connecting with others to form meaningful relationships, and avoidance of risky substances. Dr. Chu believes that teaching children healthy lifestyle habits when they are young will have exponential returns in their long term health. Head to wellnesspediatrician.com/toolkit to download your free Family Wellness Toolkit and learn more. 

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