Episode Three: Can Reducing Food Waste Save the Planet?

Season 4, Sustainability | June 14, 2022

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Did you know that as consumers, food waste is one of our biggest impacts on the climate crisis? Discover how you can cut back on food waste and make more eco-friendly food choices from internationally recognized author and food waste warrior, Sophie Egan. In this episode, she covers the impact food waste has on our planet, shares her tips for reducing it in our everyday lives, and so much more.

Our Guest

Sophie Egan, MPH is the author of How to Be a Conscious Eater (Workman, 2020)—named one of Bon Appétit’s “Favorite New Books for Climate-Friendly Cooking and Life”—and the founder of Full Table Solutions, a consulting practice that’s a catalyst for food systems transformation. Her first book, Devoured: How What We Eat Defines Who We Are (William Morrow, 2016), is a journey into the American food psyche. It was named an Amazon Best of the Month in Cookbooks, Food, and Wine. She is also a contributor to The New York Times Health section. 

An internationally recognized leader at the intersection of food, health, and climate, Sophie serves as Director of Strategy for Food for Climate League, as well as Director of the Stanford Food Institute and Senior Advisor for Sustainable Food Systems at R&DE Stanford Dining, where she is Co-Director of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative. For over five years, Sophie served as the Director of Health and Sustainability Leadership/Editorial Director for The Culinary Institute of America’s Strategic Initiatives Group. 

Looking for more resources to help you become a food waste warrior? Check out savethefood.com and count-us-in.org.

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