Episode Two: Understanding the Impact of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals on Our Family’s Health with Dr. Leonardo Trasande

Family Wellness, Season 4 | June 7, 2022

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You might not realize how many chemicals you and your kids are exposed to in a lifetime. Yet it’s important to understand where these exposures happen, how they impact your health, and how to best avoid them. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Trasande, an internationally-renowned leader in environmental health, as we dig deeper into hormone-disrupting chemical exposure and what we can do to safeguard our families.

Our Guest

Dr. Leonardo Trasande is the Jim G. Hendrick MD Professor, Director of the Division of Environmental Pediatrics and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Pediatrics at NYU School of Medicine. He also serves on the faculty of the NYU Wagner School of Public Service and the NYU College of Global Public Health. Dr. Trasande is an internationally renowned leader in environmental health. His research focuses on the impacts of chemicals on hormones in our bodies. He also has led the way in documenting the economic costs for policy makers of failing to prevent diseases of environmental origin proactively.

In his book Sicker, Fatter, Poorer: The Urgent Threat of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Our Health and Future . . . and What We Can Do About It, he reveals the alarming truth about how hormone-disrupting chemicals are affecting our daily lives—and what we can do to protect ourselves and fight back.

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