How to Navigate the Highs and Lows of Parenting by Strengthening Our Relationships with Our Kids

Season 7 | March 21, 2023

Meltdowns, temper tantrums, outbursts—these rapid changes in behavior are common for children of all ages, but can be difficult to diffuse as a parent. This week, we’re sitting down with Vanessa Kahlon, child development expert and author of How to Do Parenting with Confidence, to discuss teaching your children self-regulation, introducing discipline into your household, and how a strong relationship with your child can help curb unwanted behaviors.

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Our Guest

Headshot of guest Vanessa Kahlon

Vanessa Kahlon, MA is the founder of Kahlon Family Services School, a non-profit organization that provides education for (K-8) along with resources and support to families with strong willed children, that some would call 2E (twice exceptional). After being an in-home behavior specialist and supervisor of various California Behavioral Programs for many years, she came up with the idea of Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum and spent her free time creating her own program after years of studying clinical psychology and working with different populations around trauma, attachment issues, and family dynamics. YEAS YOGA is an exciting and personal Yoga Curriculum for children that benefits Self-Regulation. Her book, Shut Up & Parent, gives parents the tools for managing their kids’ daily behaviors. Vanessa is a Family Interventionist, offering comprehensive and individualized coaching and support regularly. She hosts the podcast, Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon, and lectures at numerous schools and organizations.

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