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Do you or your kiddos suffer from dairy sensitivity? Do you wish you could just enjoy milk with all your favorite pairings? Well a2 Milk may be the answer to all your milk quandaries. a2 Milk Brand produces a naturally occurring cows’ milk that does not undergo any technological process or genetic engineering. Instead, The a2 Milk Company selects cows that naturally only produce the A2 Protein instead of both the A2 and A1 Proteins found in most dairy milk. Independent studies have concluded that those who are sensitive to regular milk may actually be reacting to the A1 Protein in milk instead of the commonly known culprit, lactose. Dr. Corran McLachlan, founder of The a2 Milk Company, further discovered that many of these individuals were able to enjoy milk that is only pure A2 Protein, and no A1 Protein with only A2 Protein present. So if you’d like to come back to the pleasure and goodness of real and natural milk, A2 Milk offers you a healthy option available in fat free, low fat, reduced fat 2%, and whole milk. So get your favorite dunking snack ready as you rediscover the joys of milk!

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Just the facts
  • a2 Milk stands apart from other dairy milk because it comes from cows who naturally produce only the A2 Protein, while regular milk comes from cows who produce a mix of A1 and A2 Proteins.
  • Independent studies have concluded that those who experience negative side effects from consuming regular milk may actually have sensitivities to the A1 Protein in the milk.
  • Dr. Corran McLachlan, founder of The a2 Milk Company, discovered that those who experience discomfort from drinking regular milk were able to enjoy a2 Milk without experiencing the bad side effects due to the absence of the A1 Protein.
  • Independent reports have shown that the A2 Protein digests differently than the A1 Protein.
  • Those who suffer from self diagnosed lactose intolerance could actually have a sensitivity to the A1 Protein and therefore may be able to enjoy the great taste of a2 Milk.
Easy to digestNaturalNo A1 ProteinProteinVitamin AVitamin D

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