Beckon Ice Cream Snack Cups

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Did you know that 25% of Americans are lactose intolerant? Beckon is calling people back to real, premium ice cream that is unbelievably delicious and surprisingly lactose free. Beckon Snack Cups are perfectly portioned ice cream cups made with real milk, cream, and added lactase enzyme, and without gums, corn syrup, or artificial stabilizers. They’re also the first-ever single-serving ice cream cups that come with complimentary toppings right inside the lid!

Beckon Snack Cups are available in three feel-good flavors: Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles, Dark Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Cookie Gems, and Mint Chip with Chocolate Creme Cookie Crumbs. Next time you’re craving a sweet treat, gather your family together for a convenient DIY sundae night or take the snackable desserts with you to the park or beach.

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Clean labelComplimentary toppings includedLactose freeMade with fresh milk and creamNo artificial flavorsNo gums or stabilizersPremium ice cream

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