Before the Butcher® UNCUT PLANT-BASED savory chicken burger™

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Did you know that by 2040, the world population is expected to exceed nine billion people? While the population grows faster than our ability to feed it, Before the Butcher® wants to be part of the food shortage solution, feeding the world in a sustainable fashion. So skip the meat and check out their UNCUT PLANT-BASED savory chicken burger™ that looks, cooks, and eats like a fresh ground chicken burger.


Whether you’re cooking on a grill or in a pan, the UNCUT PLANT-BASED savory chicken burger will remind you of your favorite burger, pure and simple. High in protein and lower in sodium, this burger is vegan and free of hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, and gluten. Plus, it’s Certified Plant Based and Non-GMO Project Verified.

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Antibiotic freeCholesterol freeGluten freeHormone freeLower sodiumNon-GMO Verified

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