Better Booch Morning Glory Kombucha and Citrus Sunrise Kombucha

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Did you know that research from major universities validates the health benefits of fermented foods to support gut health? Kombucha helps you feel better while enjoying the journey to good health. Better Booch Kombucha is naturally fermented and simply delicious with a bold, refreshing flavor that delivers pleasure to your taste buds and live probiotics to your gut. Live and raw products need to be kept cold in order to remain in peak condition. While some kombucha brands take shortcuts like blending together different acids and adding juice to sweeten and powdered probiotics after the fact, Better Booch is naturally fermented and kept cold all the way to you, to ensure the integrity of the active ingredients. 

That’s why Better Booch says their kombucha is “brewed not  blended”—when it comes to gut health, there is just no substitute for authentic fermentation. Each Better Booch flavor uses unique tea blends, herbs, botanicals, and adaptogens, and it tastes so good after it’s finished fermenting that they don’t need to use sugary juice to sweeten it. Try two of their popular flavors: Better Booch Morning Glory blends peach and black tea while Citrus Sunrise is a combination of pu-erh tea, citrus, and sage to start your day off right!

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Bold, refreshing flavorImmune supporting ingredientsLow in sugarNaturally fermentedNon-GMOOrganicProbiotics to support gut healthRecyclable packaging

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