ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief

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As parents, we know it’s awful to see your little one in pain due to earaches. Not to mention that constantly having to give them antibiotics or pain relievers every time they have ear pain is not ideal. ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief is a natural solution that works to relieve pain by clearing the fluid from the ear through the mouth without medication.

ClearPop’s biomechanically designed shape, similar to a lollipop, maximizes the negative pressure generated by the natural motion of the jaw sucking the blockage into the mouth. This leads to fast relief of the pain and pressure, making both mom and kid happy.

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Just the facts
  • ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief uses a biomechanically designed shape similar to a lollipop to help the body clear fluid from the ear through the mouth, without medication.

  • The pop conforms the oral cavity and is designed to maximize the negative pressure generated by the natural motion of the jaw as the child sucks on the pop. This negative pressure helps to drain the blockage into the mouth, leading to fast relief of the pain and pressure felt by the child.

  • In a Clinical Study ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief reduced the pain of the earache in 9 of 10 cases and eliminated it in 7 of 10 cases.

  • Formulated with all-natural Xylitol, shown to reduce occurrence of Acute Ottis Media (AOM) by 25%

  • ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief ingredients: isomalt, citric acid, ascorbic acid, Xylitol, water, and lemon oil. ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief does not contain any antibiotics or analgesics.

  • Lemon flavor tastes great and encourages saliva production which helps drain the Eustachian tube.

  • Safety Handle: ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief designers sought to eliminate possible choking risks by placing a hole in the plastic base where the consumable portion of the pop joins. This causes the head to stay connected to the stick until it is almost completely dissolved. The spoon-shaped base of the stick cannot be swallowed and the stick itself is shatterproof and flexible.

  • ClearPop Rapid Earache Relief is safe to use with any other medication, including analgesics.

DecongestantDrug freeEasy to useHomeopathicNaturally sweetenedNo analgesicsNo antibioticsNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsSugar free

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