Boomerang’s Pies

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Back-to-school time means back to being busy, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for time. With their unique Aussie-inspired pies, Boomerang’s makes quick, convenient, and healthy meals the whole family will love. Wrapped in a delicious flaky pastry, their pies are filled with wholesome vegetables and all-natural meats with no hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, or nitrites. You’ll love their vegetarian options, too! The unique, microwavable packaging design is great for an on-the-go, convenient meal. From breakfast options to kid-friendly flavors, your family will want Boomerang’s Pies anytime, anywhere.

All-natural meatsLow sugarNo antibioticsNo artificial flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial preservativesNo hormonesNo hydrogenated oilsNo nitratesNo nitritesNo trans fatVegetarian options

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