Brainiac Kids Applesauce

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Did you know most kids in the United States only get 20% of the critical nutrients they need to fuel their developing brains? Brainiac™ Kids is the first line of kid-approved foods specifically formulated to close the brain nutrition gap.

Each product contains the BrainPack®, a unique blend of key nutrients, including omega-3 DHA/EPA and choline, that support childhood brain development. In fact, one portion of Brainiac Kids provides as much omega-3 DHA as one ounce of salmon and as much choline as two cups of broccoli. Pediatrician approved, this applesauce is free of GMOs, gluten, added sugar, and artificial flavors. With Brainiac Kids, you can give your little ones the delicious smart snacking option they deserve.

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Gluten freeKosherNo artificial flavorsNon-GMOVitamin C

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