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Looking for a chemical-free cleaning product that actually works? Scientifically proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, e-cloth® is the world’s leading chemical-free cleaning brand. Using microfiber technology and proprietary manufacturing techniques, e-cloth® general purpose and glass & polishing cloth remove grease, oil, grime, and dirt. Ideal for allergy sufferers, e-cloth® cleans any hard surface with just water. By eliminating cleaning chemicals, you can make your home a safer place.

Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive e-cloth® general purpose and glass & polishing cloths to try with your group and coupons to share with your group members. Plus, more e-cloth® products as a thank you for hosting!

Just the facts
  • The e-cloth® General Purpose Cloth is made up of millions of tiny fibers. These fibers attract moisture and oil, while lifting and trapping dust, oil, grease, and bacteria. This leaves all your hard surfaces cleaner just using water—no chemicals needed!
  • The e-cloth® Glass & Polishing Cloth provides superior cleaning for glass and mirrored surfaces and adds a final polishing touch to all hard surfaces. These tiny fibers give windows, mirrors, and stainless steel a better clean with less effort than other cleaning methods.
  • The e-cloth® Deep Clean Mop was chosen Best Washable Mop by Real Simple magazine in their May 2012 issue. The combination of advanced microfiber fabric, a light weight adjustable handle, and 360 degree swivel makes it the ideal mop for every floor hard surface.
  • The e-cloth® Washing Up Pad was rated Best Kitchen Scrubber by Real Simple Magazine in their May 2012 issue. The pad combines the cleaning power of e-cloth® fibers on one side with a powerful non-scratch scrubbing fabric on the other side.
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