EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered Immune Support

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When it comes to immune support, there has never been a more important time to be in control. One of the challenges of immune support is its complexity: What is the right combination of vitamins and minerals? The right dosage? What is the right amount of time? EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered Immune Support can help take out the guesswork.

Designed by a physician to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use in viral upper respiratory infections, EZC Pak nutritionally supports your body’s natural immune defenses to help fight viruses, like colds and flu. EZC Pak is a physician-strength formulation of organic echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C delivered in a five-day tapered dosing system that starts strong on day 1 and tapers down over five days. The capsules contain no added sugar and are gluten free and vegetarian. EZC Pak is clinically formulated to provide the right balance of the right ingredients when you need it most.

Note: Please consult your medical provider prior to use for children under the age of 18.

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