FIELD + FARMER Vegan Queso Dip

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Attention mamas, this is nacho standard queso dip! FIELD + FARMER Vegan Queso Dip is a creamy, plant-based queso that has just enough fire for an authentic queso kick but is powered with good-for-you ingredients like cannellini beans, cauliflower, and turmeric. Their Vegan Queso Dip is also free of the top eight allergens (like soy and nuts, to name a couple), non-GMO, and high-pressure protected to ensure the best flavor, quality, and shelf life. Plus, to emphasize the importance of their farmers, FIELD + FARMER made this delicious dip using plants grown on small farms. When you snack on this delicious dip, you know you’re eating REAL FOOD that is junk free and plant full! Pair it with tortilla chips and a cold beverage for a healthy snack.

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100% plant-based ingredientsCertified B CorporationCreamy and smooth textureDairy freeFree of the top 8 allergensGluten freeNo artificial ingredientsNon-GMO and clean labelVegan

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