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Sweet treats don’t have to be unhealthy. Meet the new kids on the Gummy Bear Block: Healthy Hippo Gummies. Healthy Hippo is the first company in North America to only sweeten their candy products with monk fruit. Their four varieties of gummies are vegan, high in fiber, low in sugar, non-GMO, with no artificial additives. Hippo Gummies are soft and chewy with an adorable custom design. Sour Hippos bring a lovely acidic contrast to that fruit sweetness, the go-to for anyone who loves sour but still loves the softness of the traditional gummy bear. Sour Keys offer a bit more of a chew and pack a sour power punch. Swedish Hippos are tangy, berry sweet, and mouth-watering. With only three grams of sugar or less per bag of gummies, these four flavors are the perfect candy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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and gluten freeFree of common food allergensHigh in fiberLow sugarMade in the USANo artificial additivesNo carrageenanNo preservativesNo sugar alcoholsNon-GMOSweetened with monk fruitThree grams of sugar or less per bagVegan

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