Hippo Sak Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

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Hippo Sak offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional trash bags, while still providing customers with strong, dependable, leak and puncture proof quality. The bags have hand-friendly handles, super strong film, and a reinforced bottom to support full loads. Their tall kitchen bags are made with a minimum of 80% plant-based raw materials, instead of fossil fuels or fossil fuel-based recycled content. Hippo Sak makes the first renewable and recyclable trash bags, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Just the facts

  • Hippo Sak is made using renewable resources to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Hippo Sak bags are a more sustainable choice than trash bags made from recycled or virgin plastic.
  • Extra large and comfortable Hand-Friendly Handles make it more convenient to lift, tie and carry a full bag.
  • Super Strong Material – bags are made from a special plant based material that makes them puncture proof with no leaks or tears. Mess- Free Guaranteed!
  • The Reinforced Bottom, a patented PowerStrip Technology, creates a reinforced bottom seam, making it 10 times stronger than similar bags.
  • Odor Lock Closure allows you to tie Hippo Sak bags completely shut – closing the stink gap and sealing in that stink for good.
  • Snug Fit provides the perfect t on all 13 gallon trash cans by gripping the can and keeping the bag securely in place.
  • 2 Inches Extra Length – Holds more and prevents your trash from over owing when removing the bag.
  • Hippo Sak products are 100% Recyclable.
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