Honibe Honey Lozenges with Lemon

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Whether you’re looking for sore throat relief, an immune boost, or relief from flu, fever and mucus, Honibe has you covered. Made in Canada, Honibe Honey Lozenges with Lemon come in a variety of formulas and flavours for all your cough and cold needs. They combine the powerful benefits of honey with naturally-sourced menthol and eucalyptus for effective cough and sore throat relief. Using a patented process to create the only pure dried honey products in the world, it’s scientifically proven to retain all of honey’s naturally occurring health benefits. Honibe Honey Lozenges with Lemon are are made up of 99% real honey plus 1% natural herbs & flavour—100% ingredients you can trust.

Cough reliefGluten freeImmune supportMade in CanadaNatural raw honeyNaturally sourcedNo added sugarThroat relief

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