“I and love and you” Nude Food Kibble

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If you’ve got a four-legged friend, we already know you treat them like family! Which means you probably want to make sure they’re eating as well as your kids. Enter “I and love and you”, they’re the pet food people with an eye for wellness and happiness. Their team created a line of food, treats, and chews perfect for Fido, and each of these products puts nutrition first. Their Nude Food Kibble is the ultimate food for your dog because it’s grain free and has ingredients that support their digestive health. The first ingredient in every package is real meat, and you’ll also find real fruit and veggies inside each bag. Plus the formula is always approved by the “I and love and you” holistic veterinarian. So forget food made with artificial fillers, opt for a formula that shows your pet how much you love them—with the help of “I and love and you”.

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Just the facts
  • Nude Food™ Kibble is the ultimate in dry dog food, made with whole, deboned meat, real fruits, and veggies. Each bag is made with all-natural ingredients you can trust for your pup.
  • Nude Food™ Kibble is high in protein and grain free.
  • Every batch of Nude Food™ Kibble contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and low glycemic ingredients to help boost Fido’s digestive health.
  • Nude Food™ provides a balanced diet for pets at all life stages.
  • Nude Food™ Kibble is available in a 5 pound or 13 pound bag, in the following flavors: Red Meat Medley, Poultry Palooza, and Simply Sea.
  • “I and love and you” also offers a Nude Food™ formulation for cats, as well as canned dog and cat food, and dog chews.
Digestive enzymesGrain freeLow glycemicNaturalPetsPrebioticsProbioticsProtein-rich

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