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When you or your child is home sick with a stomach bug, staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do to recover quickly. Kinderfarms Kinderlyte® provides medical-grade, natural hydration for the whole family. It works fast like an IV and is made without the use of artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors to deliver rapid hydration no matter your age. Whether used for stomach virus, infant diarrhea, toddler vomiting, heat exhaustion, sports, recovery, or travel, Kinderlyte is the only natural solution for true electrolyte replacement. Formulated by doctors, Kinderlyte doesn’t use fruit juice, which actually slows re-hydration, nor does it contain artificial ingredients like sucralose (the same sweetener found in diet soda), Red #40, Blue #1, or Yellow #6, which are commonly found in the leading electrolyte solution.  With kid-approved flavors and superior hydration, Kinderlyte can help your family feel better faster.

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Delicious tasteDoctor-formulatedEffectiveGluten freeGreat priceHydrating beverageKid-friendly flavorsMedical-grade productNo artificial ingredientsNo fructoseNon-GMONon-toxicPlant basedRefreshingVegan

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