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Baking with joy since 1790, King Arthur Flour is America’s oldest flour company. For 225 years they have remained committed to their centuries-old mission to build community through baking. Believing in the power of baked goods to do good, their program Bake for Good is about bringing people together to bake, which in turn helps community members in need. There are so many ways to #BakeforGood! Your group can create a nutritious meal to fill undernourished bellies or sell cookies to support a cause near and dear. Baking for good can even be as simple as bringing goodies to your friends and neighbors, just to make them smile.

King Arthur Flour is America’s number one source for unbleached all-purpose and whole wheat flours—and they are ready to supply you and your group with baking inspiration, their high-quality ingredients, tried and true recipes from their test kitchen, and expert advice.

Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive King Arthur Flour to sample with your group, and bowl scrapers, coupons, recipes, and downloadable graphic materials to share. Plus, a Bake for Good recipe booklet and a gift certificate to King Arthur’s online store, as a thank you for hosting!

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Visit King Arthur Flour online, where you can find baking inspiration, ingredients, and advice. They offer 2,500+ highly-tested recipes, baking education, and tips. If you get stuck, you can reach out and use their Baker’s Hotline where professional bakers provide real time guidance, seven days a week, for all your baking questions.

Just the facts
  • KING ARTHUR UNBLEACHED ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR is a pantry staple that does it all. With its light color and rich protein, it has the strength to yield high-rising yeast breads, is mellow enough for tender, flaky biscuits, and is versatile enough to go from fluffy pancakes to cookies – crunchy OR chewy
  • KING ARTHUR WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR is 100% whole wheat but has a milder flavor and lighter color than traditional whole wheat flour. Substitute it for some or all of the all-purpose flour called for in your favorite recipes. Your treats will be just as tasty as the original, with the benefits of increased fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • KING ARTHUR FLOUR BAKE FOR GOOD PROGRAM comes in many forms, but its core is all about showing how baked goods and doing good go hand in hand. In their Kids program, which visits communities throughout the U.S., schools can apply to have their students learn how to make bread from scratch through a free multi-discipline demonstration. Taking materials home, kids bake bread with their families and share one loaf with a local hunger-relief organization.
  • KING ARTHUR FLOUR BAKER’S HOTLINE is there to help you when you get stumped by a recipe. Whether your bread fell flat or your cookies crumbled, professional bakers here in the U.S. are ready to guide you through any baking challenge. Call the toll-free number 855-371-BAKE (2253) seven days a week or go online to e-mail or chat.
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