LesserEvil Lil’ Puffs: Sweet Potato Apple

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Feel confident in your toddler’s snack options while giving them the independence to feed themselves! LesserEvil Lil’ Puffs come in four of your toddler’s favorite baby food flavors—Sweet Potato Apple, Strawberry Beet, Non-Dairy Cheddar, and Veggie Blend—in a form you won’t have to spoon feed.

LesserEvil Lil’ Puffs: Sweet Potato Apple is a great-tasting, nutritious snack made from sweet potato, apple, cassava flour, and coconut oil, with protein from upcycled watermelon seeds. Their Lil’ Puffs contain zero grams of sugar, and are vegan, organic, kosher, grain free, and gluten free. Become a part of LesserEvil’s mission to make snacktime healthier, less-processed, and more sustainable by choosing these delicious and easy-to-eat snacks for your little ones.

0 grams of sugarFor toddlers 12+ monthsFour kid-friendly flavorsGluten freeGrain freeKosherOrganic Coconut OilUpcycled Pumpkin SeedsUpcycled Watermelon SeedsUSDA OrganicVegan

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