Mavericks Snacks Birthday Cake Cookiez

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Who says birthday treats should only be enjoyed once per year? Snack time is a party in itself with Mavericks Snacks™ Birthday Cake Cookiez! With only five grams of sugar per serving—40% less than the leading natural kids cookie—and no junk, Mavericks is guaranteed to be the new favorite lunchbox companion for your kids.

Mavericks Snacks Birthday Cake Cookiez  are in the “Junk Free Zone,” meaning they are made without added sugar alcohols and artificial ingredients. They are also vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and made without peanuts, making them school-safe. The next time you reach for a treat for your kid to munch on, choose these convenient snack-pack cookies that are low in sugar yet big on taste!

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3 kid-approved flavors40% less sugar than similar brandsClean ingredientsContain wheatKosherOnly 5 grams of sugarPeanut freeSharing SizeSnack sizeVegan and non-GMO

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