Mighty Sesame Organic Squeezable Tahini

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Did you know that tahini is what gives hummus its traditional flavor? Made of sesame seeds, tahini is a paste that is a well-known staple in many cuisines, including Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Mighty Sesame Organic Squeezable Tahini is made of only one ingredient: organic Ethiopian sesame seeds from the most reputable growing region in the world. 

Mighty Sesame Tahini is both delicious and nutritious—packed with calcium, iron, protein, potassium, fiber, and other essential vitamins. In addition to being 100% organic, it’s suitable for many diets, including vegan, gluten free, Paleo, kosher, and dairy free. Plus, it offers convenience and versatility as it can easily be squeezed into your favorite hummus recipe, drizzled onto salad and sandwiches, or blended into fruit shakes for added protein. Get creative and shake things up with this squeezable tahini!

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All NaturalConvenient, squeezable bottleCreamyDairy freeGluten freeKosherOnly one ingredient: sesame seedsOrganicPacked with nutrients and vitaminsPeanut freeVegan

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