O Organics Milk Boxes

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New O Organics Milk Boxes are the perfect addition to your child’s lunch and a great alternative to juice boxes! Available in three yummy flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Plain—your child will love the taste and you will love how healthy it is for them! O Organics milk is certified USDA Organic and always made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetic engineering, added growth hormones, antibiotics, or anything artificial—so you know you are choosing the best for you and your family.

Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive O Organics Milk Boxes for your group members to try. Plus, more O Organics products as a thank you for hosting!

Just the facts
  • O Organics Milk Boxes are available in three delicious lowfat flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Plain.
  • These milk boxes are shelf-stable and do not need refrigeration until after opening.
  • Made with only the purest organic and natural ingredients.
  • A 12-pack of O Organics Milk Boxes retails for approximately $9.99 and a single box retail for approximately $0.99 each.
No added growth hormonesNo antibioticsNo artificial ingredientsNo fertilizersNo genetic engineeringNo synthetic pesticidesOrganic

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