O Organics Yogurt

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On the hunt for a tasty organic yogurt your whole family will eat? O Organics Yogurt is a wholesome, nutritious and great-tasting meal or snack that parents and kids both love. USDA certified organic, O Organics Yogurt is free of synthetic pesticides, added hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. Enjoy it in fruit, granola, or in a smoothie─and feel good about serving your family a food with no artificial anything. O Organics believes organic food should be available to everyone and sold everywhere at a great value. They offer 400 high-quality, great-tasting products for every age and every eating occasion─the way nature intended.

Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive O Organics 6 oz yogurt cups to try with your group members. Plus, more O Organics products as a thank you for hosting!

Just the facts
  • O Organics Yogurt is available in single serve 6 oz cups in the following flavors: Lowfat Mango, Raspberry, Black Cherry, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Blueberry.
  • O Organics Yogurt is also available in 32 oz tubs in the following flavors: Lowfat Vanilla and Lowfat Plain.
No added hormonesNo antibioticsNo artificial ingredientsNo synthetic pesticidesNon-GMOOrganic

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