Peekaboo Organic Dairy Ice Cream with Hidden Veggies

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Having trouble getting your kids to eat their greens?! Ditto! Peekaboo is the first and only indulgent ice cream infused with veggies like spinach, beets, and cauliflower. Peekaboo bridges the gap between what we can’t get enough of (ice cream) and what we don’t get enough of (veggies). Their organic ice cream flavors taste so good, you wouldn’t even know there is a 1/4 cup of veggies per scoop. Each of Peekaboo’s delectable, creamy flavors provide good sources of calcium, vitamin A, riboflavin, phosphorus, and other essentials. Peekaboo was created so you can say YES more. Their premium ice creams make enjoying and indulging both fun and nutritious!

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1/4 cup of veggies per scoopCertified B CorporationClean ingredientsCreamy textureFive delicious flavorsGood source of mineralsGood source of vitaminsMade by momsNo artificial flavorsNo artificial ingredientsOrganicSweetWomen-owned business

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