Petit Pot Organic French Dessert

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Bon Appétit! You don’t have to travel to France to enjoy a truly authentic French dessert. With recipes perfected by a French pastry chef, Petit Pot introduces decadent, creamy, and oh-so-delicious pot de crème desserts in perfectly portioned, single-serving jars. These French desserts are crafted in small batches in California with simple, organic ingredients and then put into recyclable and reusable glass jars. With the velvety goodness of crème and the consistency of custard, both the Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean flavors will satisfy any sweet craving. Grab your dessert spoon and enjoy the pot de crème right out of the jar!


Here’s a little French lesson for today: Petit Pot is pronounced Pe [pə] -ti [tɪ] Po [pɔː], and not Pe-ti-te Po-te!

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Authentic french recipeGluten freeMade in small batchesOrganicOrganic and naturally gluten freepremium glass jarsRecipes by a French pastry chefReusableReusable and recyclable glass jars

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