Premama Essentials + DHA Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix

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Premama Essentials + DHA is an award winning citrus-flavored prenatal multivitamin drink mix designed to blend with non-carbonated liquids to deliver an exclusive formulation of nutrients, along with DHA to support healthy fetal development and Vitamin B6 to help soothe morning sickness. To enjoy, simply mix Premama Essentials + DHA with at least 12 oz. of water until blended well, or blend with non-carbonated, flavored liquids such as citrus juices or your favorite smoothies. Premama Essentials + DHA is doctor approved, vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, and is made in the USA.

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Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive a gift card to purchase Premama Essentials + DHA at your local Walgreens.

Just the facts
  • Unlike horse pills, Premama blends seamlessly with water, beverages, and soft foods for a great-tasting and convenient solution.
  • Premama delivers the optimal amount of Folic Acid (800mg), Omega-3’s, Ferrochel® Iron and essential nutrients to help support fetal development and a healthy pregnancy.
  • Premama contains the highest amount of OTC Vitamin B (30mg) to help soothe morning sickness and gentle Ferrochel® Iron to help reduce iron-induced constipation.
  • This award-winning drink mix was named Baby Maternity Magazine’s 2015 Top Choice of the Year for products in the Prenatal Health and Nutrition Category.
  • 1% of Premama Sales are donated to Vitamin Angels – who provides women and children all over the world with vitamins and minerals.
Folic AcidGluten freeIronNon-GMOOmega-3VegetarianVitamin B

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