Proper Good Oatmeal

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Quick, easy, nutritious–the three words that best describe Proper Good Oatmeal, the only fully cooked, ready-to-eat oatmeal on the market. With only five ingredients, this thick al-dente style oatmeal has an incredible texture and is ready to eat cold or heated in its BPA-free, microwave-safe pouch in just 60 seconds. 

Each oatmeal comes with its delicious stir-in packet which takes the oatmeal to a whole new  level. And with delicious flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Apple Cinnamon & Walnut, every family member can pick their favorite!

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Clean ingredientsFour flavors with stir-in toppingsGood source of fiberNo need to add waterReady-to-eatSteel cut oats, chia, flax, and hemp

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